Outsourcing FAQs

Why should we Outsource?

Outsourcing prevents you from having to pull one or two members of your staff to carry out accounting processes, take care of payroll services, calculations, produce the checks, and other back end and manual processes. It allows you to free your staff to focus on growing your business.

Outsource is a way of increasing service offerings, saving costs on office space and supplies, infrastructure, new technology, HR functions and more.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing to Web projects?

When you outsource some or all of your business functions, you’re able to manage your time and budgets more effectively, enhance your various processes and controls, cut costs, convert fixed costs into variable costs and release capital for investments thereby avoiding large expenses, successfully manage projects, reduce risks and enhance controls, increase staff flexibility, increase productivity, quality and performance metrics and more.

What can Web Projects offer?

We can provide access to modern facilities for you as well as and highly productive, experienced and loyal personnel. We regularly monitor and dialogue with our clients so as to create a strong bond and meet their ever changing needs.

We cover the recruitment and office costs, and subsequent coverage of employee benefits. We can offer services on a project-by-project basis or over a longer term contract.

Is there a language barrier?

The language skills of our staff are top notch and are not limited. We offer test calls to our clients should they request for it.

Can I still be in charge over my staff?

Yes you can. It is your business and you have full control over it. We provide the data needed to make informed decisions. Another option is to leave the managerial responsibilities to us and oversee the results.

What is the duration of an Outsourcing contract?

The duration of our services are dependent on your needs. If you need us for one project, a few hours in week, or on a long-term basis, we are available and flexible to meet your needs.

What is the maximum number of processes I can Outsource at a time?

Our clients can outsource as many projects and functions as our staff can handle. We will let you know at what point we can’t take on any new projects.

Will my data be secure?

We take data security very seriously at Web Projects. Each of our staff undergoes background checks, and every new transaction is held on independent databases. All information is backed-up on a daily basis. We take no chances.

What is the rate of Web Projects Outsourcing services?

Our rates are dependent on the specific requirements of our clients.

If I hire you, how long before you can begin?

In most cases we can begin immediately we have an agreement. We will operate with interim or work-around process as we complete the configuration activities. But we prefer to complete an assessment and proposal first which can take 2-3 weeks, after which we go through the conversion or configuration process.

How does a business know when they need to Outsource?

  • Recognition that outsourcing can improve results
  • Employee dishonesty or fraud resulting in termination of employee
  • Resignation of a key employee - outsourcing avoids the recruitment/training effort
  • Business growth brings transaction volumes that existing staff can't handle
  • Short-term need of an administrative or financial management business process to support a project, cover for maternity leave, illness or military service, business restructuring or location start-up.

Why should I Outsource when my staff are doing a good enough job?

It may seem like your employees are doing a good job, and that may be so, however, is your business not suffering as a result of divided attention? Your key person can suddenly quit, or fall sick, many eventualities can occur.

Outsourcing allows your staff focus completely and put all their energy into the core aspects of the business and increase productivity all round while the entirety of your administration process is handled by a trusted service provider.

Will I have to stop business processes while Outsourcing is going on?

Not at all. Our aim is not to stop or hinder your productivity but to assist you with the back end administration functions while you focus on core business processes.

Can I change my mind about Outsourcing a process?

Yes, of course you can. If that happens, we will do all we can to ensure that we are able to transition a process back to you as soon as possible.

Is Outsourcing always the answer?

In some cases, Outsourcing doesn’t work. In order to know that, we carry out an analysis and write up a proposal stating the costs and expected benefits of outsourcing. And if we see that Outsourcing will not be the best course of action to take, we will inform you. Register today with Web Projects one of our account managers will be in touch as soon as possible.