Outsourced IT Services

Technological innovation and customer expectations are the things that drive today’s business landscape. Once a business has a market and customers, it is expected to always be able to deliver high quality goods, products and services in due time, as efficiently as possible at all times. Not only that, it should be innovative and adaptable to the changing times, while at the same time providing each customer with a unique personalised experience.

It’s highly unlikely to find any business today that doesn’t rely on IT for one reason or the other. That being said, one of the best ways of transforming your business and also increasing your agility is by outsourcing those IT services.

With outsourcing, you are able to instantly get adapted to changing conditions, respond to them and improve your business reach globally, and with Web Projects, the costs which are usually expended on IT requirements will be significantly reduced, without affecting daily operations.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing IT Services?

Outsourcing with Web Projects gives you the full benefits of an in-house IT department at a price that’s much lower than what it’d cost to staff one yourself.

Our services include:

  • Coverage for all aspects of your network including data protection, security, hardware and applications.
  • Management and support of IT platforms and users
  • Minimising the occurrence of IT failures which in turn reduces the negative impact on your business. All unforeseen issues are made top priority and are handled with utmost precision and timeliness.
  • Innovation to drive business change and value.
  • Transformation services to deliver key business initiatives
  • Optimising your network's performance to function at the highest levels of reliability and efficiency for your business. With this, you’re not concerned with running your network, and are able to completely focus on handling the integral parts of your business.
  • Using client proximity service delivery approach, we can enhance value-driven global delivery to achieve optimal pricing and generate recurring savings.
  • Improvement of productivity, project and service delivery by the application of industry tools and practices and governing principles.
  • Redeployment of client personnel to business projects more closely aligned with the organization’s mission and regular activities.


Why Web Projects?

At Web Projects we don’t just want to solve your IT problems, we also want to assist you in completely achieving your business end goals no matter what they are. Is it to reduce risks, increase business efficiency, or to grow your business? Whatever it might be, we are fully prepared to meet you at the point of your needs.

We also give you the option of being able to hire additional resources with our help and guidance at low risks and affordably low costs. We are at your service whenever you have a need for us, flexibility is one of our best attributes. We are ready and available to serve you and see to your various IT problems whenever you need us.

Web Projects carries out its outsourcing services majorly in the UK and is also expertly managed by UK based staff.

Our outsourcing services are tailored to suit your specific business needs and our clients enjoy customised service quality, predictability, significant savings, transparency, control over costs, access to valuable professional skills and resources that add stability to operating environments.

When you outsource to Web Projects, you are assured of the best services. Our staff are experienced and qualified to handle any projects or functions. We also assure you that even though we take over the handling of your IT services, we still answer to you. We have no desire to take control of your business, only to provide assistance and take some of the load off you.

For further enquiries about our services, please call us on 02380 970979. Alternatively, you can register below and one of our account managers will get back to you as soon as possible.