Hire an Expert Social Media Marketing Team for Conversion Growth

When it comes to running a successful social media marketing campaign, there are many things to consider.

Are you engaging potential customers on a social level? Is your social media content too sales-oriented? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest…the list goes on, how do you keep up?

It takes several months to successfully manage all these social networks for a business. Yet, social media marketing might not be your core service.

At Webprojects, we are a company with highly experienced social media experts that help businesses build their brand on the social platform.

If your business is struggling on social and other core marketing functions, you are probably wearing yourself too thin.

Outsourcing a service like social media marketing can take a significant weight off your shoulders. With more flexibility, your employees can focus on the bigger picture.

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Social Media Marketing as a Success Strategy

More marketers are recognising the power of social media as a huge sway strategy for business success. People who use social media regularly, record over 30% increase in web traffic because of referrals.

Don’t forget the social content can go viral anytime and boost awareness for your business. Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge of 2014? It is a typical example of social media success. The topic was share over 400,000 times on both Twitter and Facebook, and the cause raised more than $5.7 million for The ALS Association.

If one of your employees is managing your social media accounts on the side, you’ll likely never achieve the kind of results you want on the social marketing front. To grow exponentially in number of followers, engagement rate and impact consumer behaviour, a professional approach is necessary.

At Webprojects, we research social every day and understand the latest trends sweeping the market. We can apply this insight to give your business a strong competitive advantage its niche. We have the professionals. We have the resources. We have the time.

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Why Outsource your Social Media Marketing?

You are probably thinking, because we perform outsourcing services? True, but it is a lot more than that.

Businesses that outsource specific services to professionals have experienced visible growth within shorter period. They also have more time to understand their customers’ needs and re-strategize accordingly. Wait, there’s more.

You need to approach it with a defined system

Social media is not a one-time thing. To excel, you need a service with the right kind of systems for success. At Webprojects, our action room consists of specialised roles from social auditing to trendspotting, enquiry response, performance analysis and more.

Social media marketing is much bigger than people think; it has evolved. It is not enough to have a single staff member post out tweets or Facebook posts. Our defined system has been tested and proven to deliver results.

You need social savvy experts

The world of social is a different ball game. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, you are interacting with customers in real time. A certain set of skills and social savvy is required to attract and engage the right type of audience for your business.

Despite your business’ personality, you’ll need people who can be funny, witty, professional, sarcastic, problem-solvers, trend-spotters and empathetic at the snap of a finger. Not everybody can do this, but Webprojects has a room spilling with these types of individuals.

You need to boost web conversion

Despite the underlying vision, the goal of any business is to drive sales and make profit. When you continue to sell, you can grow and expand to new frontiers. Social media marketing drives more referral traffic to websites, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Posting quality content increases its “shareability” among different users. It also expands your business’ reach to other social platforms. There is no guarantee for viral success, but we have a formula that inspires multiple users to share our clients’ content.

You need to maximise your marketing budget

It is more cost-efficient to hire a professional agency. For one, we have all the relevant equipment, so we can scale our services to produce results. But if you are managing your social media marketing in-house, chances are you are spending more using fragmented tools.

As experts, we also know the materials we need, and how to mitigate costs for different campaigns. As opposed to our systematic process, a disjointed strategy will only cost you more. Besides financials, time that could be spent developing your core services or attending to customers is lost building a campaign whose results are not guaranteed.

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What Aspect of Social Media Marketing Should You Outsource?

If you still want operating control over parts of your social media, you can outsource the demanding aspects of it.

Content creation

Social media marketing is 80% content creation. This requires trendspotting, market insights and creativity which requires time investment. It is better to give it to professionals.

Research and development

Creativity is borne from research. This can take anything from days to weeks depending on the project. If your staff have other roles to perform, this can be counterproductive. At our agency, we have researchers employed to do one thing; research.

Performance analysis

Every running campaign needs to be evaluated. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can monitor your campaigns in real time and adjust it where necessary. Our data scientists are trained, not only to read consumer scientific data, but also to present them in simple visualisation format.

Grow your conversion Through Social Media

At Webprojects, we treat each client specially by providing a dedicated account manager to liaise between the social media team and the client.

Our services are affordable with different packages designed to suit your budget. Depending on your business’ social needs, we offer a range from standard to premium services.

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