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Are you an ecommerce site looking to boost sales or build relationship with customers? Do you trust your current team of customer support to provide professional service to customers?

40% of online users are shopping and the internet has revolutionized the buying culture forever. In the past small websites had a phone number and email address prospects used to reach them for inquiries. Large chain stores had a small contact form and offline customer support to answer questions from customers. Both systems were time wasting and created a gap between consumers and e-commerce brands.

Enter the new model that creates a seamless “live” connection between customers and companies, Live Chat. The main purpose of the service is for customers and prospects to have quick access to Customer Service Representatives from a company (CSR).

Live chat is important for companies who want to convert customers and provide excellent online experiences for their users. 92% of online customers feel assured with live chat as against communication channels like email 85%, voice 88%, Facebook 84% and Twitter 77%.

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Experienced live chat agents who understand your customers

Web project is a UK outsourcing firm that offers expertly managed live chat services to global brands looking to save more. Our team of highly trained live chat outsourcing agents provide only the best service for your customers. We offer custom conversation approaches based on our analysis of your customers and data-driven user targeting.

We provide the latest live chat software, handled by the best people who are in the touch with current accepted best practices in the industry. Our goal is to offer cost-efficient solutions.

When do you need to outsource live service support?

  • Your current software is not scalable
  • Your business isn’t matching consumer demands
  • Your live chat tools aren’t integrating well with customers support systems
  • Sales isn’t improving or customers leave when they can’t find what they need

Why is live chat from Web Project important for your business?

  • People love talking to people

The major benefit with live chat is the human connection between companies and customers. It is refreshing to know that in a world of bots, digital automation systems and artificial intelligence, companies still value a connection to clients.

  • Ease of access

The goal of every website is to reduce limitations that affects the customers’ user experience in any way. Web Project provides live chat services that ensures when customers have a problem during the sales process, even after midnight, there is qualified personnel to answer their questions and lead them through the sales funnel.

With live service, customers don’t have to call or email, the hassles are gone. The convenience of service builds solid relationship with clients who trust that when they shop from you, you’ll be there with them through each step.

  • Goodbye to frustrated customers

The challenge for businesses who can’t employ large teams is handling a long queue of frustrated customers who don’t enjoy long waits to speak with an agent. Sometimes it's a network error or clients who simply don’t want to listen to a promotional offer.

With live chat from Web projects, we provide instant assistance to your customers and save them from long VR menus required to connect with a customer care agent.

  • Emails are time wasting

Many online brands prefer email support services. Why keep customers waiting for 24 hours when you can answer their questions immediately? A lot can happen in 24 hours; they could talk themselves out of a purchase, find competitive prices at another site or lose interest in the product. You need to sustain momentum while interest is piqued and our live chat services ensures customers never want for answers again.

  • Mega Savings

One of the best features of live chat for small and medium-sized companies trying to scale up is the cost-effective nature of live chat for e-commerce sites. They provide the same services big brands offer without spending as much money. Instead of maintaining a fully staffed unit and paying overtime for night shift workers.

Web projects provides around the clock live chat services minus charges for extra resources. We use premium live chat software such as Olark, LiveChat, Zopim and LiveEngage. These inexpensive resources save money for your business.

  • Increased sales

Higher percentage of satisfied customers translates into higher sales. Who makes your customers happy? Live chat support agents. Different studies have reached the same conclusion, when customers are engaged with a live support agent who understands what they need; the agent is in pole position to recommend additional purchases to complement what the customer is searching for.

  • Create memorable experiences for your customers

Live chat agents are the best source of consumer data. The data we provide helps you remodel your site based on customer interaction to create services and content that delights customers. We understand the support journey your customer has experienced and know how to offer guidance that eliminates repetitive experience

What part of live chat support should you outsource to web project?

Sale live chat outsourcing

Your marketing budget is more effective with a team of UK chat agents experienced in driving sales and generating leads. Our agents target users based on their interaction with your site and close the gap between interest in your product and the decision to buy.

After hours live chat outsourcing

The internet never sleeps and neither do we. We keep your chat running when your employees go home for the day. If you have international customers, their time zone might be different from yours’ and they deserve the same shopping experience as the locals. Web Projects generates leads while you’re sleeping and serves them on a platter to your sales team first thing in the morning.

Outsourcing for support

Our trained experts have solved every issue that could arise with products and services in your niche. From technical troubleshooting to basic service issues and inquiry about products on offer, we’re on hand to provide instant support.

Why choose Web Project?

  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Quick problem resolution
  • Competitive edge over brands in your niche
  • Expanded market reach
  • Analytics and reports
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible plans to fit your budget
  • Experienced live support agents who know your business
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Established trust with your customers
  • Increased effectiveness of marketing efforts

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