Lead Generation

Lead generation involves the overall process of identifying, attracting and getting the interest of potential customers for your business's products or services. The goal of lead generation is to get a list of people who showed interest in what you have to offer and try to make them into actual customers.

As a company that provides outsourced lead generation services, we know that it can be hard for businesses to adequately follow up on prospects that indicate interest in their products and services. Lead generation goes beyond sending newsletters. This is why we are always looking for ways to help businesses get better results in their lead generation process.

Lead generation involves finding unique ways to attract people to your businesses and keeping them naturally interested so that they eventually get comfortable enough to want to know more about what you do, which might finally convert into a buy decision.

Why do you need to generate leads?

A lot of businesses are finding it hard to close sales. We can blame some part of this problem on the current state of the economy. However, we need to look also at the activities these businesses engage in to encourage sales. The truth is that, most businesses are not looking at the right places for sales. One common mistake businesses make is assuming that cold calling a lot of strangers or sending thousands of emails out of the blues is enough to guarantee some level of interest in their products or services. Not too long ago, when cold calling was the norm, sales people are certain that at least one in every ten cold calls will be a potential customer. That was then, this is now. These days, finding the right target groups is just as important as the actual sales. The right target group comprises of the exact demography that need your product or services and has indicated interest, sometime or another in your products and services or similar products and services.  Lead generation focuses on finding the right target group and finding ways to get them interested in what you offer. Keep them interested for as long as it takes to get them to make a decision. Without leads, a sales team cannot be successful.

How can you generate leads?

Not too long ago, lead generation involves cold calling, setting up meetings with people and going to trade shows. But every sales person knows that this method is not very effective. You can generate lots of leads, but the number of effective leads would be very little. Thanks to technology and digital marketing, it has become very easy to target and acquire effective leads.

The social media environment and search engines have made it a matter of seconds for businesses to find companies and people who fit the criteria for their product offerings. Although it takes some time to get a direct means for contact, this system beats cold calling any day as you are reaching out to people that actually need your products or services. It is now possible today, to generate a high number of targeted leads in a short time. And like the same one in ten rule of cold calling, the more targeted leads you generate, the more potential customers your sales team will be able to attract with their sales pitch.

For many large companies, dedicating a full time team to exclusively work on generating leads is a small matter but for companies and businesses that would rather channel their energies in creating winning products and contents, then outsourcing leads generation is their best option.

Outsourcing your lead generation process can have a powerful effect on your business’ conversion rate.

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I generate leads, how do I get useful leads?

Just about anyone with an internet enabled device can target the lead generation niche, but the important question will be how effective the leads you generate are. For your leads to be effective, it has to be related to companies or people that actually need your products and services.

There are two questions you must ask yourself when embarking on leads generation: what does your company do? What solutions do your products and services provide? For your leads to be effective and useful, you must be able to provide answers to a potential customer’s questions. For instance, if you create content providing tips on how to lose weight, someone who needs this information might stumble upon your content. They will start up a relationship with your business rather than you trying to start up one with them. This way, you can build useful leads

There are many things you can do on your own to increase the number of you attract to your business including:

  • Optimizing On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Constantly blogging useful contents
  • Having an active social media presence
  • Creating high quality content and infographic

These are some of the ways you can get potential customers to your landing page where they can follow a call to action. This can lead them to signing up on your website or filling a form, which show that they actually have an interest in what you do and so can be identified as a lead and not just a visitor. You can then channel time and resources in converting them into buyers.

Is it worth the effort?

This definitely look like a lot of effort to go through for some leads, however, this is a good strategy of you want to generate a good amount of leads that will eventually result in more sales. It is important to your business that you get valuable information about your potential customers such as their contact information and names which will come in handy when nurturing the leads.

Not Satisfied with Your Lead Generation?

As earlier implied, if you want to make more sales, then generating leads is crucial. But sometimes, the results might not be worth the effort; that is because you are going about it the wrong way. If you are not satisfied with your lead generation efforts, then it is probably time to hand it over to people who can do it right. Companies all over the world are resorting to outsourcing a lot of their business processes including leads generation.

Outsourcing your lead generation process is potentially better for your bottom line than an in-house leads generation. It is cost saving as it helps companies avoid the expenses of employee training, advertising campaigns and cost of infrastructure. It also places the job of generating quality leads in the hands of professionals who are trained in that area.

We offer outsourcing services and for many years, have been helping businesses with their lead generation. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can begin generating targeted leads for your business.

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