Outsource Your Email Marketing Campaigns to Professionals

Are you a business owner with tonnes of projects and little time to complete them? Do you struggle with email marketing techniques amidst your day-to-day activities?

You can save yourself the hassle by outsourcing this service to professionals. At Webprojects, we are a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses like yours meet their email marketing obligations without compromising their core objectives.

We understand how it difficult it is to complete all these at the same time. Don’t get overwhelmed, free up more time and attend directly to client needs, while my team and I work our magic.

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The Power of Good Email Marketing

The email remains one of the best means of communication for business. With a cleverly developed email marketing campaign, you can reach your target audiences and increase your online conversion rates by over 15%.

If you are struggling to generate leads for business, we can help you work out a leads generation strategy via effective email marketing. I have developed a proprietary system for growing mail subscribers who engage and click your page content.

At Webprojects, we believe there is an art to writing email marketing headlines that inspired people to read them. Did you know that most advertising emails are deleted without being read? That is because they focus on too much on selling.

Our technique is simple. By using interesting content, we will provide your subscribers with valuable information that helps them build a relationship with your brand overtime. Whether it is through newsletters or brand guides, our regular email blasts are guaranteed to convert tentative visitors to loyal subscribers.

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Why Do You Need to Outsource Your Email Marketing?

If you feel your engagement or conversion rates could be better, then they can. There are several reasons why your figures are low, and they could be any of these.

Email Marketing Budget isn’t Being Maximised

This is common, and most times it’s not really your fault. We discovered one of our clients was spending over 30% of their budget on staff training. By the end of the day, they were underfunded and still less-equipped to produce a winning email marketing campaign.

Crafting a smart subject line, applying a pre-header, positioning a call-to-acting in the preview page and developing a mobile-compatible email are few things our savvy marketers already have in their arsenal. We won’t waste time (or money) on inexperience.

You Probably Don’t Have the Right Tools

Almost everybody knows Mail Chimp™ and it is resourceful too, but great email marketing requires a more sophisticated toolbox. You are thinking about lead generation, subscriber segmentation, activity monitoring, lead nurturing and more. The arsenal is bigger than you imagine.

When we take a project, my team and I always start with an email marketing audit. This informs us about your business’ position so far on the performance scale. The result is a guide on where to begin with our resources- and we pack a state-of-the art arsenal!

Your Business Needs More Creativity

If your company is tech-oriented and one or two of your employees moonlights as an email marketing analyst, chances are they are operating on analytics alone. You need an injection of fresh, creative ideas to attract the audience’s attention.

Email marketing is part art, part analytics, and to succeed, a good combination of both is key. At Webprojects, we have perfected the art of writing open-worthy email marketing subject headlines. Rest assured your incoming traffic rate will skyrocket by the numbers.

You Are Not Achieving Your Business Objectives

Are you meeting your monthly targets? If your digital marketing figures are continually dismal, it may be time to try a new strategy. Studies have shown that well-crafted email marketing campaigns can bring a significant boost to a business’ marketing operations.

Email marketing is about achieving your objectives. One of the strategies we adopt for our clients is the goal-based technique. Here, we use the expected outcomes and work backwards to produce a feasible solution. This works with excellent results. Give us a try with your current campaign; our results speak for themselves.

What Part of Email Marketing Should You Outsource?

At Webprojects, we understand that startups and other small businesses generally work with a tight budget, so it is sometimes cost-effective to partially outsource. However, a complete outsourcing of email marketing can be highly-sustainable.

Still, if you prefer to go more economical, it is important to know the parts of a campaign to outsource.


The art and craft of writing persuasive copy is a skill not many possess. You will need content that speaks directly to your consumers and convinces them to act. From newsletter articles to “How to” guides and magazines, good copy is a winner for email marketing campaigns.

Lead nurturing

As an email marketing services provider, we have an extensive customer database to mine for your business. Our networks include people of all demographics and psychographics from different segments. We can help nurture them from unsure to sales-ready customers.


Whatever your services, it can be difficult to handle marketing research at the same time. It’s not only time consuming, but requires experience for data interpretation. When you outsource research, a significant part of the burden is lifted.

Other responsibilities you should outsource include HTML coding, graphics design, data administration and performance analysis. Webprojects can help you deliver successfully.

Why Choose Webprojects?

Email marketing is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It helps build long-term relationships that keep your business relevant to customers.

At Webprojects, we are a team of email marketing experts. Having spent years in the online marketing industry, our success rates are very high. Our services are affordable and almost all our clients contact us for repeat business.

From consultation to service delivery, Webprojects has built a reputation for 100% customer satisfaction. When we receive a project, we always deliver on time.

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