Website Maintenance

It doesn’t end with putting up your beautiful site, having a website means you’ll have to maintain it, but what do you do when you can’t spare your staff and can’t afford to hire someone either? The best course of action would be to outsource to a reliable company who will deliver the results you want.

With Web Projects website maintenance, you have the opportunity to access affordable, top quality website maintenance. You won’t ever have to worry about daily changes, editing, revisions, or daily updates.


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Why is Website Management Important?

Regular updates and maintenance of your website will increase your visibility in search engine results pages and you’ll be able to catch your visitors’ attention. Additionally, a regularly updated website can help turn your visitors to loyal customers. While we make sure your website thrives on the web, you can go about your business of running your company.

How can Web Projects help Maintain your Website?

Web Projects offer an expansive range of web maintenance services, including consultancy services to aid in maintaining your web applications and regular to occasional updates, depending on your needs. Our service is tailored to suit your unique requirements, making it possible for you to choose customised applications including the most appropriate traffic solutions and content management applications.

Quality Content

Our team are experience in website management, having helped many UK businesses update their sites in terms of adding new services and products, testimonials, case studies, news, categories, and even complete redesigns. Whatever your content needs, our team includes expert content creators who are good at what they do. They will create, develop, and manage quality content that help drive results. Because consistency is key, we’ll help make sure the messages remain true to your brand’s voice.

Measure Results

We take care to make sure all web-based data are kept safely in case they’ll be needed sometime in the future. Our team also track all the metrics of your site while preparing detailed reports as needed.

Retain Customers

We’ll help make sure your visitors and customers keep returning to your website. Plus, we’ll go the extra mile to have your offline marketing efforts synchronised with your online efforts. Your customers never have to miss any important details like new specials and more.


There is nothing more important than security on the web today, so we take security very seriously and encourage our clients to as well. We take the necessary steps to protect your website from security loopholes and internet threats such as malicious parties and hackers.

Better Value for Money

At Web Projects, we understand the needs of businesses and know our customers are looking to save money. We provide a reliable service with impressive quality while making sure it doesn’t cost you much. With the superb value you get from us, you’ll never want to hire a fulltime designer ever again.

Do Web Projects do SEO too?

Yes, we do. At Web Projects, we have a fantastic team of experts who specialise in every aspect of website maintenance, including SEO. We can update your website design, create content, edit existing content, and do whatever else is needed to give your site the boost it needs. We have helped our clients all around the UK to come up with suitable SEO strategies, from conception to execution, helping them get to where they want to. We will not only keep your site running, but we’ll help you fly.