Managed Live Chat Service

Raise your conversions today with a managed live chat service you can rely on to drive results. It doesn’t take much to engage more with your visitors once you know where to look for help. At Web projects, we provide a managed live service any business in any industry can benefit from while reaching their business goals faster.


Why your Business Needs Managed live Chat Service?

If you have been struggling with converting a reasonable proportion of the many visitors you get on your website, it is likely that is happening due to a lack of interaction or limited interaction. Visitors who are genuinely interested in finding what you have to offer will be glad for all the help they can get to reeach the information they need as quickly as possible. With live chat enabled on your website, your visitors will have their questions answered in no time, helping them reach their decision faster.

Don’t lose customers to competitors because they were unable to gain access to the information they needed. Don’t let all the resources you spent getting the SEO for your site right go down the drain. Take customer experience to a whole other level and make the most of your website by choosing Web Projects manage live chat service today.

Why you Should get Outsourced Live Chat service

With an outsourced manage live chats service like ours, your website can become more customer –centric and it can boost your sales due to higher interactivity. You’ll be getting a fully managed live chat service that operates 24 hours a day, all day, so you never miss a chance to convert a customer. Visitors won’t have to go to a competitor’s site instead because they got on your site and found that you are ‘offline’.

And the best part is, you get the service at only a fraction of what it would have cost if you had decided to set it up and manage it yourself. Plus, your staff don’t get to be burdened with the task of interacting with clients, leaving them free to attend to other important tasks.

Is live Chat more Reliable than Email and Phone?

While a good number of clients interact with a company via phone and email, these customer service touch points are nowhere near as satisfactory as live chat. That should not be surprising, considering the long waiting times and annoying automated answering systems clients have to endure sometimes. Phone is rated at 44 percent while email is rated at 41 percent, making them the lowest rated customer service touch points.

Many customers prefer to use live chat, resulting in a 72 percent satisfaction level. Given that customers have been pleased with their experience of live chats, you’ll only be doing yourself a disservice by not adding live chat to your arsenal of customer service touch points.

What Web Pages has to offer

Our managed live chat service can lead customers through your website, helping them find what they need swiftly. It will capture sales leads and help with tasks like downloading brochures, documents, and forms. You don’t need to worry about how your customers will be handled because we want to help you score a sale from a new visitor or a returning customer as much as you do. We are aware that the competition is a threat and we work hard and smart to make sure your customers are satisfied with the assistance they get.

With a little help from us, you can start converting more and increasing loyalty today. Register now and one of our account managers will be in touch.