Calling Services

Call services is a very important factor for any successful sales and marketing strategy to effectively improve the sales products and/or services. Opting for the right call service source will improve your company’s sales and customer bases which is an important step in your company’s growth and development. Web Project connects and bridge the gap between you and your customers anywhere they may be with our 24/7 call center phone answering services that greatly improves your business customer support. We provide agents that answer your customers when they call to inquire for any information and help promote your company’s product and services.

What Web Project offers your business include;


Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services aid your company by immensely improving your existing customer relationships. Our telemarketing services include inbound sales, outbound research, inbound customer services, telemarketing sales and outbound lead generation.

  • We increase your company’s revenue by effortlessly increasing product sales through our effective and 24/7 outbound and inbound telemarketing services.
  • Create more sales force leads for your company which helps to maximize profit.
  • Provides you with accurate feedbacks about the level of need or satisfaction of your customers. We get to communicate with your customers giving us a means of knowing exactly what they think about your product or service and how you can improve in them in order to serve them better.
  • Provides excellent ideas on how to improve your product value in order to meet up with your customer's taste and criteria.
  • Aside from the information we provide, we also offer your company some strategic plans on how to handle and resolve customer problems thereby improving customer relations.

Cold Calling Services

  • We set various appointments for your company with qualified targeted prospects and business investors that could contribute financially to the growth of your company. We make the idea appealing for these investors giving them good reasons why they should invest in your company.
  • Increases the inflow of new customers and helping to retain the old ones. This helps to improve your company’s revenue and capital.
  • Provides proper lead generation that is developed from proper research to ensure your business success.
  • Uses all communication skills, persistence and determination, scripts presentation and deliveries to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and improve sales.
  • Sets up phone consultations or face-to-face appointments for the company to make its various sales presentations and finalize its deals.
  • We suggest, write and edit calling scripts to match customer requirements and preferences.
  • We analyze and research on potential customers and the business market to ensure future business success.

General Calling Services

  • Calling customers to inform them on upcoming company’s events, shows or exhibitions that might interest them.
  • Answering questions about the company’s product and services. Encouraging customers to buy and refer the product or services of the company.
  • Receiving and sending out responses to emails and calls.

We understand that seeking outsourcing model is a critical decision for your company and any mistake this stage could be extremely dangerous for the growth of your business. Web Project has the objective of partnering with your business thereby allowing us to easily understand your objective, gives out proper advice for your business growth and delivers our services timely and according. We also provide you with all the advantages of working with a low cost but effective outsourcing model.

Why Outsource with Web Project?

  • 24/7/365 uninterrupted services to ensure effective monitoring of your business.
  • Absolute privacy agreement and network security to ensure that your business information and data are perfectly safe.
  • Provide qualified and efficient staffs if need be.
  • Test new ideas without the cost of up-front investment
  • Abides strongly to all business ethics and corporate governance of your company.

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