Account Management

Making the smart move to reduce the overwhelming effects of managing your whole client base is just what your sales team needs to enhance performance and retain your major customers. Recruiting directly to service lower-tier customers with full staff incentives could prove to be an administrative nightmare. You can save cost, build a healthy relationship with your minor clients, turn them into major clients with consistent up-to-date communication without over-exerting the workforce required to drive the core of your business.

Outsourcing has proven to be the best way to skirt the exigencies of overall client account management. But getting the right hands to keep the minutest of your clients engaged often creates a seperate headache to deal with.

You need to focus heavy resources on your major clients, but the minor ones are causing a stir in attention waters, do you drop them entirely? Bad choice. Every business needs to grow at some point, and what grows a business than client base? That is where web projects come in.

We have identified these issues, evaluated the various reasons of customers leaving, and have come up with solutions to actively engage low-tiered, medium or even the higher customers as the case may be.

Healthy Customer Attention Boosts Profitability

Here are a few things that you will get to enjoy when you outsource your client accounts

  • By subcontracting a third party, you are providing your in-house sales and management team with the nitro and firepower to maximize relationship with your current prominent clients.
  • Every client, regardless of status is constantly managed and evaluated. The lower ones are serviced with reduced resources but better concentration which is a channel to optimize conversion and facilitate their evolution into major clients.
  • A more precise and detailed account of needs and preferences of each customer no matter how minute is accessible through outsourced mediums. Which ensures that a more tailored approach is engaged with personilzed dealings.
  • Keep your client base from the reach of your competitors by being at their beck and call and providing hands-on attention through a third party management service.
  • Get the flexibility to expand various sectors of your business without the risk of losing former clientele and,
  • Your marketing team can focus on reaching out to prospective customers without the drag-backs of intermittent patronisers.

We Have the Proven Solution To Perfectly Manage Accounts

It is a given that organisations would be skeptical about ceding their client accounts to a third party to manage, for obvious reasons that we understand: the fear that outside sources cannot come to grasp what your account and sales managers have grown to learn over the years of being in your organisation, your culture and solutions as well as method of operations, the doubt that third parties would meet a pitfall while trying to explain certain nuances in the business, and other minor doubts are the facilitators of these skepticism.

These doubts are credible. However, account management outsourcing is our niche, we have identified the core issues behind the process and have developed a framework proven to be a suitable solution to effectively by-pass those challenges.

Here's how we engage with you to provide the best management for your customer accounts:

  • We go the extra mile to employ marketing professionals capable of engaging your customers regardless of level.
  • We grill our employees to embody the image and offerings of your brand.
  • Create internal subdivisions of our own to tackle difficult-to-easy situations with the appropriate measures.
  • We proficiently engage practices that identify potential issues and provide solutions before they surface.
  • Most importantly, we maintain a toe-to-toe communicating relationship with you to ensure that you are abreast of all developments. We also give you suggestions on how to improve customer experience.
  • We are UK based with a large network all over the world.

Bottom Line

Your clients are the life-force of your business and even the minutest ones deserve a healthy form of engagement. You can ward off competitions and expand your base by using our proven solutions. We are dedicated to make businesses grow. Registered now and expect our account manager to be in touch promptly.