Accounts Receivable

Account receivable is simply a legally outstanding invoice[s] that a company made and delivered to a customer or client for payment within a particular time or money customers owe the company. It could also be referred to as the money a business is accustomed to receiving for selling its products and/or services. Sometimes these receivables tend to be difficult to collect from the clients, so instead of taking up time and money in dragging the client to court, Web Project offers interesting, efficient, timely and reduced cost outsourcing deals to help your company retrieve their account receivables.

Benefits of Outsourcing Account Receivables

It helps to free up your company’s time and resources – Chasing after your company’s account receivables is not really a smart move for any business whether growing or already established. Maximizing the proper efficiency of the company should be the no 1 goal and that means the company and its staff needs to concentrate effectively on improving its marketing strategies, product development and find various means of raising more capital and increasing profit. So one of the ways of effectively managing your company is to outsource your account receivables which is a low-cost effective way of reducing the total time it takes your company to close down its debtors book.

Improves your accounts receivable process – Outsourcing your account receivable shortens the time it will take to get your company’s account receivables since the sole aim of the outsourcing model you hire is to ensure that your company’s money gets into its account. Sometimes, your company’s account receivable could form 20 – 30% of the total company’s assert and a situation where these debts are not collected on time may affect the company’s total capital thereby causing some major challenge to the business. In addition to improving the time wasted, outsourcing also reduces the stress of keeping up on those unpaid invoices and money from your customers.

Gives you an extra credit check on your customers – An extensive credit check on your clients tends to provide you with more information about your clients helping you to know which of them is really credit-worthy and the ones that are high loss potential. The knowledge that a particular client is likely enough to pay their debts on a scheduled time helps you make better plans for your business.

Outsourcing your accounts receivables may also come in form of selling those outstanding invoices to a factoring company that will provide your company with quick access to funds until your company’s money is retrieved.

Allows your company to focus on its major business – Outsourcing your company’s account receivable gives the company more means to focus on other areas of the company’s need such as creativity and process improvement, recognizing and responding to important customer requirements and much more.

We understand that seeking outsourcing model is a very critical decision for your company and any mistake at this stage could be extremely dangerous for the growth of your company. Web Project has the sole objective of partnering with your business which easily allows us to understand your business objectives, give proper advice for the quick growth of your business and delivers our services timely and according. We provide you with all the benefits of working with a low cost but effective outsourcing model.

Why Outsource With Web Project?

  • 24/7/365 uninterrupted service to ensure effective monitoring of your business.
  • Absolute privacy agreement and network security to ensure that your company’s information and data is perfectly safe.
  • Provides qualified and efficient staff for your company if need be.
  • Abides strongly to all business ethics and corporate governance of your company.
  • Provides professional and reliable services that will suit your business.

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