Accounts Payable

Imagine being able to manage your organization’s working capital, develop and maintain better vendor relationships, increase business productivity, identify potential cost saving areas and automate your total accounts payable process while avoiding the accompanying capital investment. Web Projects can make this happen for you efficiently and to the highest of standards. Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing service will significantly reduce your operational cost, ensure higher levels of service delivery and give your organization an edge in your industry.


Why Outsource your Accounts Payable service?

  • Hiring, training and maintaining your own accounts payable staff, as well procuring the necessary equipments and program can be quite expensive. But when you outsource your accounts payable services to Web Projects, you get professionals to do the job at a much lower cost.
  • Our automated process and the experience of our people make it possible to get your work done faster and more accurately than an in-house can.
  • Outsourcing your accounts payable services to Web Projects ensures that you enjoy the advantage of the latest technologies and up to date procedures as we stay up to date on all the best practices.
  • You can customize your service to suit the at-the-moment need of your business. As your business needs grow, you can scale up or upgrade your plan to meet up with the changes in your business.
  • Outsourcing your accounts payable service to us assures you of a quick turnaround in work time. You will always be able to meet your deadlines and commitments.
  • Even though your work is being is done off site, our system allows you to be able to check up and keep track of the progress of your job so you are not left in the dark.
  • Our automated process, coupled with the experience of our people will lead to a significant reduction in the number of common mistakes you are used to.

Many companies are uncomfortable with the idea of outsourcing their accounts payable service, but by transferring your labor intensive, non-core accounts payable service to us, you leverage on a team of established UK professional, this gives you room to focus on the more mission critical financial issue, and the freedom to pursue your business’ strategic goals.

What we Offer:

  • We offer a way for you to get the job done and significantly lower your operating cost without having to lose a critical business function and without having to employ additional resources.
  • We offer you access to up to date technological advancement without having to invest, maintain and continuously upgrade the equipment or infrastructure related to the accounts payable department.
  • You are free of the extensive supervision required in the accounts payable service department which is required to prevent errors and inefficiency, so that you can focus on more productive matters.
  • We offer a higher level of accuracy and low margin of errors in the accounts payable tasks our professionals will carry out on your behalf.
  • We guarantee total security and confidentiality in all the accounts payable tasks people will do on your behalf.
  • We will provide a team for you company for any time frame. It could be just a few hours every day or it could be for 24 hours, every day of the week. We have a plan to suit any need.

Accounts payable and invoice processing can be very time consuming, requiring constant contact with suppliers and vendors. Web Projects can easily manage this aspect of your business efficiently and to the highest possible standard. Outsourcing your accounts payable service to us is the most effective way to improve your business performance.

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