Server and Network Monitoring

Outsourcing your server and network monitoring to Web Projects is one of the best decisions you can ever make as a business owner. As a company that offers secure and real time services to companies, we endeavor to make your business safer and more efficient on every level. You're guaranteed that your servers and IT network will be monitored round the clock and all year round - when you let us handle your IT systems. You can give us a call right away, or stick around for more information.

Why you need to Outsource your Server and Network Monitoring

Recent survey shows that more than 30% of businesses with more than 10 tracking tools encounter multiple outages associated with network. On the other hand, less than 7% of businesses with 3 monitoring tools (or less) only encounter this daily, and more than 17% have never had the experience whatsoever.

These days, every business out there makes use of computers to operate better and save more data with ease. These businesses also have websites for customers to easily find what they seek and even staff to work better. Whether you're in banking, production of goods, retail or technology, you need servers to aid your business function effectively. Notwithstanding, there are times when things go wrong technically and your work would have to halt till its all sorted. How does it get sorted? You need to get in the services of a professional server and network monitoring outsourcing company to provide a lasting solution.

At Web Projects, we understand how expensive it is to employ an in-house IT expert to be on stand by for issues like this. That's why we provide server and network monitoring outsourcing services, not only to save you cost but to prevent any hiccups that can affect the easy flow of your business.

Furthermore, an outsourcing company can help you hire the ideal staff for IT related jobs in your firm - hereby saving you the cost of recruitment. This makes it easy for you to concentrate on other managerial responsibilities and operations. If you're worried about losing data due to cyber attacks or server breakdown, then it's wise you outsource your network monitoring to Web Projects. Give us a call right away, and we will gladly handle any issues you have!

Benefits of Outsourcing Server and Network Monitoring

1. Minimize Downtime and Optimise System Pefromance

Over the years, downtime has posed one of the biggest threats to businesses that make use of technological systems of operation. It has led to low Return on Investment (ROI) and loss of clients who would conclude that you cannot be trusted with their personal information and contact details. Even your workers can lose access to the tools they need to work with, data needed for tasks and even emails amongst other information.

It will be difficult for you to meet the needs or requests of your customers when your network goes down, because they won't be able to reach you. However, outsourcing your server and network monitoring to our service ensures that the performance of your system is evaluated and boosted to become more efficient. This minimises downtime.

2. Saves you Time

Time is money. You're in business to save both. In the course of saving money, you need to utilise your time for other operations that will boost sales and maximise output. Outsourcing your server and network monitoring is a way of saving valuable money, time and other resources that can be put into other core areas of the business - other than into manual monitoring. All the computers that you want tracked will be monitored under one console where any information you need can be gotten. Therefore there wouldn't be any need to go through several systems. This saves your IT personnel time as well.

Outsourcing with Web Projects means you and your team can also work on issues together to boost your website. Any problems with backups, bandwidth and other IT related issues gets easily sorted out.

3. Saves you Extra Operational Cost

When running a business, you will definitely invest in recruitment, software installations and purchase of hardware. At Web Projects, we know how expensive it is to get these and many others running - in order to make good sales and boost operations. We don't want you to spend more in monitoring your server and network systems. Therefore, outsourcing to us means you are saving the extra cost of getting added resources.

Why you Should Consider Web Projects

Are you in the insurance, health care, IT or finance sectors? Do you seek the best server and network monitoring outsourcing service? Then Web Projects has got you covered. We monitor: Services and Event Logs, the Disk health and performance of servers.

We also monitor applications like: copiers, MFP, MFD, SNMP monitoring, Internet connectivity, scanner, printers, network file storage and we also keep tabs on remote sites. We have a robust team of IT specialists who work round the clock all through the year to monitor your server and network in order to reduce downtime by 99.9%. With Web Projects, you get to save over half of what anyone has offered you in the open market. We have successfully monitored over 400 projects outsourced to us in the last couple of years.

Web Projects is one of the leading server and network monitoring outsourcing service providers in the industry. We have some of the best engineers in our personnel who know the nitty gritty of installing, operating and maintaining workstations, networks, applications, sires, servers and routers.

Finally, we know how bad an outage or downtime can affect a business. We do not want you to put a hold on your routine or daily activities just because the network has gone down. Therefore, we make sure that only qualified staff are employed to work on any IT related issues. We can also send notifications to you on how your server is being managed. Why spend money hiring an IT expert to track your server, when you can simply reach out to us? To get a call from our account manager, sign up here!



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