Server & Network Monitoring

In today’s IT centric world, access to data is key and 24/7 network monitoring is critical to ensuring service availability and constant business operations. Network uptime is critical, to maintain the myriad components that make up a modern network infrastructure is essential. But it is becoming increasingly harder and more expensive for businesses to manage their own servers. The number of people, tools and the level of skills needed to maintain optimum server & network monitoring means that only very large organizations can do so.

Is there a way better server & network monitoring?

The answer is yes.

Why you Should Outsource your Server & Network Monitoring Service to us?

  • Outsourcing your server and network monitoring, gives you peace of mind that the core of your business operations is in the hands of professionals.
  • You get access to disaster recovery protocols only available to very large organizations. This way, should your network fail, it can be quickly restored in little or no time so that you have to suffer the barest of downtime.
  • You can free your internal resources so that they can focus on more productive activities in the company and leave your server & network monitoring to the experts. Let your employees focus on making business rather than putting out fires.
  • Your network and servers are monitored day and night, every day even when your business closes for the day, or on holidays. There will always be someone getting real time information about your network activity and also monitoring usage to ensure it doesn’t exceed network capacity.
  • It is inevitable that technical problems will arise at some point. Having a good team monitoring your servers and network will give you access to our early warning system that detects hardware or software problems and initiate processes to prevent network or system failure or to minimize data loss.
  • Hardware, software, human resources and maintenance takes up a lot of investment. You incur a lot of cost running your own IT infrastructure. When you outsource your network & server monitoring to us, you reap the benefits of an IT team, dedicated to your server & network monitoring without having to incur the costs of staffing or training and maintenance.
  • Outsourcing your server & network monitoring saves you time and avoidable expenditures. It brings you the benefits of time spent in configuring and maintaining tools which is available every hour, every day. You no longer have to concern yourself about upgrades, updates or recertification.
  • You get instant notifications if and when system upgrades are available for your infrastructure. This will ensure that your business is operating at optimum efficiency all the time.
  • Web Projects will ensure that your servers and network are online and fully functional, ensuring that none of your essential business systems is put on hold.
  • You enjoy the benefits of having a low cost, zero risk way to gain additional resources without having to engage new staff. You also get to experiment and okay around with new solutions without the usual financial commitment.
  • As your business grows, you IT requirements grow also to meet up with the demands of your growing business. Our scalable means that you can always upgrade or scale up your network infrastructure at any time to suit your growing business needs.

We have developed a system whereby you can enjoy the advantages of an in house team, while enjoying the benefits of using or outsourcing solution. Web Projects can even employ the staff on your behalf. We will deal with all the recruitment and office expenses, while you run the day to day managerial activities.

Act Now. Outsource your server & network monitoring. Simply register and one of our account managers will be in touch.