Managed Help Desk Services

The deep penetration of technology into business has left companies in need of various IT solutions. A business requires a reliable technology infrastructure to maintain a productive and competitive edge in the marketplace. As a consequence, it is imperative that management, monitoring, and maintenance be carried out without interruption. This can prove difficult for any in-house staff.

This is part of the reasons companies like Webprojects exist: to help other firms stay competitive and meet their regular set goals without being dragged about by tech solutions.

"As a company that specialises in managed help desk services, we are always exploring ways to boost the efficiency of businesses by taking some burdens off their shoulders. The unstable state of the economy, coupled with the overheads required to set up an internal help desk, has made the need for expert outsourced services essential". - CEO, Webprojects.

But the impact of setting up in-house often spans more than costs. There's also the case of burning out your staff over IT issues when there are core day-to-day business tasks to handle as well. Also, customers can be in need of help at any time of the day and can be frustrated to learn that they can only get help during limited working hours.

You can relieve your in-house staff and increase their efficiency by focusing their time and talents on important projects. One way to achieve this is employing a third-party that can effectively take care of your help-desk services.

How can businesses make the most out of managed help desk services?

A top-tier outsourced help-desk provider can take care of employees IT issues as well as that of customers. There will be no need for an extra budget to train and set up additional staff for this purpose. Your team can also focus on the primary aspects of your business that feed your bottom line rather than share their focus on seperate things.

The benefits to glean from a managed help-desk service are numerous, but we can break them one after the other.

  1. Reduced Cost

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest perks of outsourcing. Setting up your in-house team will require setting up a payroll that fits an in-house team. This can include bonuses, overtimes, allowances and other forms of remuneration, and that's without adding the staff-befitting salary. There's also the cost of infrastructure purchase and maintenance.

But the outsourcing market is fraught with competition and you can get low-cost solutions as a result. You can exploit this trend in order to save your business a great amount of cost. Outsourcing on a contract basis can help you skirt those remunerations and high salaries, as well as the extra burden of bringing in equipment and maintaining them.

  1. Improved Revenue

When you cut costs through outsourcing, you can channel those funds to other aspects of your business that can yield more revenue. But primarily, with the burden of help-desk services off the shoulders of your firm, it can become more light-weight and operate more efficiently leading to revenue generation.

  1. Better in-house staff productivity

Your direct staff can now concentrate on their primary roles 100%. The extra task of tending to customer complaints and issues - which can be time consuming - will be eliminated. This way, jobs can progress without disruption, and targets can be met quicker. Outsourced help-desk providers will also be executing their own business tasks by taking care of your customers and staff issues. So, all in all, everyone gets to be dedicated without sacrificing any percentage of focus.

  1. Increased customer support and satisfaction

A managed help desk service will increase the responsiveness of your business towards customer support. Stranded customers are very unhealthy for any business. But with an outsourced help-desk, you can see your customers attended to, in real time.

Outsourced solutions like Webprojects hire large numbers of experts to take care of your help-desk services. The need for 24 hour availability can also be taken care of. With an in-house staff, round-the-clock availability can be overwhelming, that is why you need an outsourced service that is dedicated for this purpose.

  1. Implementing a more efficient business strategy

An experienced manged help-desk provider don't just tend to your employee and customer issues, they also make a detailed collation of frequent issues and pass it on to you. By providing these data, you can identify various aspects that your business can improve upon. What's more, a good outsource service can also identify an imminent help-desk related issue, and avert it before it occurs.

This can lead to a more efficient business operation. It can also help erect a formidable business strategy and approach.

Getting a managed help-desk service

You can enjoy these benefits with no fuss, only if you engage a capable third party help-desk provider. Webprojects can give you the required help-desk solution for your business. Sign up now and an account manager will be in touch.

What are the concerns of business managers concerning outsourced help-desks?

Any manager's focus is to see to the growth of his or her business. Most managers understand the benefits of outsourcing, while some are still contemplating the possibilities.

There are fears concerning the prospect of handing a part of a business to an outside party. While these reservations are understood, they shouldn't be a source of worry as long as the party involved can be trusted.

Another concern bothers on the fact that third party providers cannot possibly embody and convey the values of an organisation when communicating with customers. Be assured that with Webprojects, your customers will get to enjoy the services of an in-house workforce while you on the other hand, will reap from the advantages of outsourcing.

Another legitimate concern, however, is based on the fact that some outsourcing companies aren't adequately equipped and staffed to bear the burden of providing support to large clienteles. This ugly trend can simply be averted if you employ the services of a provider that is reliably capable to handle your clients regardless of size.


Your business can jump to the next level if you lose the burden of help-desk support. This doesn't necessarily mean that you care less about your customers. On the contrary, it shows that you want them to get the help they need, anytime they need it. And by a dedicated team as well. So sign up with Webprojects now, and an account manager will get in touch and put you through the rest.


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