Managed Help Desk Services

Providing top class customer support should be a top priority for your business. This makes it easier to keep old customers and get new ones. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to provide 24 hour, 7 days a week support service. Providing a dedicated round the clock service takes manpower and can be very expensive. This is why lots of businesses are taking advantage of our managed help desk service. This service enables your business ensure customer satisfaction by responding quickly to your customer issues.

Why Should you Outsource your Managed Help Desk Services to us?

  • A lot of businesses work the traditional 9am to 5pm work schedule, however their operations continue after close of business. Customers on the other hand, don’t keep to any official business schedule; they can demand attention at anytime and expect to receive it. Having our managed help desk service that is not controlled by work schedule or difference in time zones will help boost the credibility of your business.
  • Outsourcing your managed help desk service to us, frees up your in house resources to focus on other productive functions. Your employees can channel their energies into doing what they know best while your managed help desk service is left to those who can handle it better.
  • A lot of businesses have customers all over the world. Most times, communication is difficult because of the language barrier. Having Webprojects manage your help desk gives you the advantage of having support provided in different languages, this will be helpful if your business delivery has an international coverage.
  • You will have highly qualified individuals with technical expertise providing support to your customers, this way; you never have to worry about not having the answer to a query.
  • Outsourcing your managed help desk service is significantly lower than what it would cost you to hire and train an in house staff. You will no longer have to bother about maintaining the necessary equipment for a help desk as our service will take care of that.
  • When you outsource your managed help desk service to us, you will notice an improvement in the time it takes for your company to handle customer’s issues. Complaints are quickly escalated and resolved, and you customers are satisfied.
  • Having an outsource help service gives you the advantage of managing your calls from a single point. This makes it easier to monitor response time, and keep records of resolved or not resolved issues.

You no longer have to worry about finding the right people to handle your customers. Webprojects will take care of that for you. Our team of operators are highly trained, highly motivated and experts in their field. They have the right attitude and experience to be part of your help desk.

 What we offer:

  • We will provide a fully customized managed help desk system that will carry your business information and is completely tailored to suit your company needs.
  • We will provide monthly reports which will include incidents logged and remedial actions taken
  • We will provide managed help desk service for you company for any time frame. It could be just a few hours every day or it could be for 24 hours, every day of the week. We have a plan to suit any need.
  • By making webprojects responsible for your managed help desk service, you will experience improved productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction through our customer centered service.

There are so many benefits to using our managed help desk service, and you can enjoy every single one of them.  Are you ready to outsource your help desk service? Register and one of our account managers will be in touch.