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Top 9 Website Redesign Pitfalls and how to avoid them

Most businesses have a website which they have taken time to design and develop. It is mostly among the first things they do right before fully launching the company. However, after a few years, the site begins showing signs of redundancy.  The design might also start to look unappealing and would require a total overhaul…
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An Introduction to the JAM Stack

Sunlight Media LLC, an expert in web design services in the Los Angeles area, has kindly provided us with the following article about a major development trend that is happening right now. One web development trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is relegating all scripting solely to the client-side, not employing the server…
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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is crucial to ensure a site that is working at the highest possible capacity, and includes a range of simple website updates like changing images or text on a web page to more complex website maintenance such as fresh pages or better functionality. As a company providing outsourced website maintenance services for entrepreneurs…
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