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An Introduction to the JAM Stack

Sunlight Media LLC, an expert in web design services in the Los Angeles area, has kindly provided us with the following article about a major development trend that is happening right now. One web development trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is relegating all scripting solely to the client-side, not employing the server…
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8 E-commerce growth hacks that will double your sales rapidly

With a few changes, you can increase sales fast! Growth hacking is leveraging your current resources innovatively, for a higher return. Since it involves creativity, the strategies are so plain most marketers have missed them. Selling a product is not as easy as it looks on Amazon. Companies and digital marketers put a lot of…
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Outsource Your Email Marketing Campaigns to Professionals

Are you a business owner with tonnes of projects and little time to complete them? Do you struggle with email marketing techniques amidst your day-to-day activities? You can save yourself the hassle by outsourcing this service to professionals. At Webprojects, we are a team of experts dedicated to helping businesses like yours meet their email…
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