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For every successful business, there is that time when you need to outsource work. As a business owner, your time is very valuable and it is important that your energies and focus is on the most important activities of your business.

Of course, as a company that offers virtual assistant services, we understand that every aspect of your business operation is important. But there are some things that you don’t have to handle by yourself. This is why we are constantly looking for ways to make business operations efficient and one of the ways we do this is by offering to carry out your administrative duties, which our virtual assistants do.

A virtual assistant provides support services to businesses, carrying out a wide range of administrative tasks depending on the client specification or project. Virtual assistants were formerly associated with secretaries who work from home but the term is now outdated. A virtual assistant today is someone very useful to a lot of professionals and business owners who they cannot do without.

These days, lots of businesses would rather hand out their administrative and petty tasks to virtual assistants in order to have enough time to focus on the more productive aspect of their businesses. It also looks good on their financial sheet as using virtual assistants help them save on employee training and infrastructure.

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Why you need a Virtual Assistant?

A lot of people wonder why they need to hire a virtual assistant. If they really need someone to do some administrative duties for the business, they might as well hire a full staff.

It is simple really. A full time administrative employee will cost you a huge chunk of money in training, salaries, bonuses and benefits as well as getting the office space and infrastructure they need to work. That is a huge price to pay for someone you might not have constant assignments for.

Of course, hiring and staffing is one of the essentials of any business. But in today’s business, it’s not every job description you need to hire a full time staff for. A virtual assistant helps you carry out the tasks you need an administrative hand for without the attendant expenses, monitoring and management.

No one single person can build a business alone. You can start in on your own, but as the business grows and demands increase, you will definitely need someone to share the workload with. And because a lot of startups and small businesses do not have the resources to cater for a full time staff, using a virtual assistant service remains the best option.

Virtual assistants are very much in demand by startups, small companies and online businesses that need help in the day to day none critical aspect of their businesses. Some of them even use virtual assistants to carry out specific tasks critical to their business growth. Virtual assistants have become a very important feature that many businesses cannot do without.

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Virtual Assistants, what can they do?

Virtual assistants (VA) can perform a whole lot of administrative and clerical functions. Some of them even have skills and qualifications that also enable them carry out professional functions for your business. What virtual assistants can do in your business is determined by what you need done. The best way to start is to determine exactly what you need done. This does not have to be a complete list and can be added to or removed from as time goes on, but it gives you and your potential VA service a place to start from. Some virtual assistants carry out secretarial duties that involve logistics and scheduling, while there are those that focus more on the internet aspect of your business.

Here are just a few things virtual assistants can help you with:

  • Online research
  • Managing Emails
  • Calendar, Appointments scheduling & Travel Management
  • Email & Newsletter Marketing
  • File Management
  • Creating reports
  • Handling your calls and correspondence
  • Prepare presentations
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Coordinate with vendors
  • Place orders for new supplies
  • Preparing Presentations
  • Transcription
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Personal Errands
  • Take care of your to-do list
  • Content creation

Virtual assistants are made up of different people with different skill sets.  There are so many things they can do and so many ways they can be a part of your business that we can’t list them all.

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 Are virtual assistants expensive?

The cost involved in getting a virtual assistant to some extent depends on the type of skills needed and the volume of work to be done. But one good thing about using virtual assistants’ service is that you can find a VA that suits your budget. But overall, virtual assistants are dirt cheap when you compare them to what to what you should spend if you decide to hire a full time administrative assistant.

First there is the cost of recruitment and training. It gets even more expensive if you have to contract a recruitment agency to get and train and administrative assistant for you.

Then there is the bonus and benefits. Full time workers expect to be part of some benefit program, such as health, insurance and holidays. A VA has no such expectations. Even though they work for you, they are not under contract to your business but to the service or company you use.

Also, a full time administrative or clerical staff will need office space and equipment in order to work properly. Outsourcing your VA needs will save you the expenses of expanding on office space of buying more equipment.

And finally, if you have a lot on your plate, you might need a supervisor to oversee your administrative department. This is another expense on its own. And you also get to hire only the exact number of people you need to get the job done.

Handling every aspect of your business on your own is not saving money. This can cause you to break down, or result in some other challenges down the road. Using a virtual assistant can save you a lot of hours and give you time for yourself.

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