Outsourced Administration

Businesses are increasingly looking to get outsourced help for their transactional and administrative tasks. This wasn't always the case, but more businesses are now comfortable with the idea of outsourcing administration.

At Web Projects, we offer a wide range of services that companies might want to outsource. Every service that we have to offer was chosen so we can provide the best possible value for businesses. Companies that opt for outsourced administration are able to have outside help with tasks such as posting jobs, cleaning of databases, formatting resumes, data key entry, and other such tasks that are time consuming.

Outsourced administration can literally be a lifesaver for many businesses, especially for those who are just getting into the game and need to find their footing. There is not enough time to spare on every administrative task and there are limited resources that must be managed carefully. Whether you are a business owner who just launched a start-up or a manager who is struggling with the weight of unfinished projects, there is a very good chance that your business can benefit immensely from outsourced administration.

Why Outsourcing Administration makes Sense

There are many reasons why outsourcing administration to a professional service will be good for your business, but we shall consider a few of the major ones that businesses in any industry can relate to:

  • Save Costs

Every business wants to spend less and make more money. There is no denying that maintaining staff is expensive. This is a concern particularly for smaller businesses who don't quite have as many resources as bigger companies do.

It will make more financial sense to pay an outsourcing company to take over administration or at least, some parts of administration. That is because you will end up spending less on an outsourced managed service than you would on a permanently employed team.

The same applies to larger businesses. They may have the resources to take care of as many employees as necessary, but what if they don't have to? By outsourcing some of their administration, larger businesses can shave off unnecessary costs and increase profitability many times over.

  • Do More

There are hardly any limits to what you can achieve with the right outsourcing partner. You can extend administration support hours and have more work done in a day than you could if you had your own team working on the task. Essentially, you will have an entire team working on your project while paying only a fraction of what it would cost to maintain your own employees within the same period of time.

  • Save Time and Energy

It's great to be able to find amazing professionals to work at your company, but the process of finding them can be excruciating and there is no guarantee that you will end up with the best guy. Outsourced administration can take care of that problem.

Say you need to fill a few administrative positions, you won't have to go through the process of hiring which requires quite a bit of investment in terms of time and money. The process of preparing the job ads, reviewing applications, vetting and interviewing applicants is a lot of work really. So much work that it is the sole factor that drives some companies to go the outsourcing route.

When you have a partner that you can outsource to, you don't have to bother about recruiting the right talent, training them, or managing them. They will simply get the job done. One less headache to deal with.

  • Flexibility

Administrative tasks are not always steady in the sense that you may need certain tasks to be completed within the next few months and may not need to embark on such projects again for the next half-year after that.

Periodic activities like that are better outsourced because you can simply pay for the job to get done when you need it done and stop paying when the task is completed. There is no need to take on extra staff with the extra responsibility, and neither do you have to burden your current team. So, whether you are looking to get more done without diverting your team’s attention from core business or would like to cut your expenses, outsourced administration will work for you.

Lucky for you, outsourced administration is easy to get. All you have to do is sign up with us and an account manager will be in touch soon to set you up with the experts you need. At Web Projects, we are extra flexible about the services that we provide. Whether you need a virtual assistant to work on various tasks or need a broad project completed in little time, we will make it work.

Administrative Tasks you Should be Outsourcing

While you cannot be expected to outsource every bit of your administration, there are quite a few administrative tasks that you can and should outsource. We cannot list them all, but you should consider outsourcing tasks that do not constitute core business activities. They may be tasks that you feel will take too much of your team’s attention away from where it should be. Activities like typing, data entry, copywriting, making travel arrangements, scheduling and the like don't have to be a distraction for your team.

While there are many activities that can be outsourced to a managed service, there are a few that you may not want to outsource. The first that comes to mind is what you would consider Core business competences.

Also, you might not want to outsource functions that are dependent on your company’s intellectual capital. It is not necessary to do so and most businesses won’t consider it anyway, because it is generally understood that intellectual property should not be shared with third parties. However, this does not mean that managed services cannot be trusted with confidential information. At Web Projects, we take on data entry and manual keying tasks that involve confidential information and we handle them as such.

In a few simple steps, you can sign up with us and get an account manager to help you get the outsourced staff you need.

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