Manual Keying Services

Data is very important for any business in any industry. As a business, you may have to capitalise on data to boost performance and streamline operations. With outsourced manual keying services, you will be ridding yourself of the excruciating task of manually keying data.

Some of the most integral administrative tasks can be the most boring. Thankfully, you don't have to deal with excruciating tasks such as entering data for hours on end. With outsourced manual keying services available, companies don't have to burden their staff with the task of data entry which can be a distraction from the core business activities that they should be focused on.

From data capture to data entry and indexing, you'll be better off using a fully managed team with the right skillset and experience. You can have a data specialist capture data from typewritten, printed, or handwritten documents. Whatever your preference, whether Access, Excel, or Word, your details will be entered in your preferred format.

Even if you do not currently have to deal with large streams of data, you may have old documents lying in the archives that may need to be digitised eventually. Your company may also have tons of questionnaires and survey forms filled by respondents that haven't been touched for analysis yet. Whatever it is, no data should be rendered useless because they are in a pile of dusty sheets that no one wants to touch, especially when such data can be useful.

As a company that provides manual keying services, among other administrative functions, we have a pretty good idea what businesses need and how to deliver in order to help them reach their goals. You too can join the ranks of businesses that are doing the smart thing by outsourcing as much as they can. If you have only heard about outsourcing and are wondering if you should try it out for your manual keying tasks, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you understand why outsourcing manual keying services might be the best route for you.

Why it helps to outsource administrative tasks

  • You can spread the risk

Risk is one word that no business owner wants to hear too often, but the reality is you are dealing with potential risk when you have to handle administrative processes. When you outsource the administrative aspects of your day to day operations, you will be reducing some of the risk on your end. Ultimately, that will result in lower risk for your entire business.

The fantastic thing about outsourcing is your partner is likely to treat your project as top priority. At least, that is what we do at Web Projects. In addition to that, you will get 24-hour service, meaning that you can extend the hours of work. There is nothing quite like being able to complete tasks way before their deadline. Sign up and get an account manager to provide you with the outsourced staff you need. It is really that easy to start getting more done.

  • Focus on the more important aspects of your business

We have seen many businesses come to us when they are struggling under the weight of the many administrative tasks that they have to do, including manual data entry. Often, many businesses don't even realize that they have been neglecting very important aspects of the business that constitute its core.

When you choose to outsource administrative tasks that will otherwise take up all your time, you'll be freeing up your staff to focus on all the aspects of your business that need your attention. Also, there will be less pressure on you as the owner or manager of the business to get things done because you know that your project is in good hands.

Here at Web projects, there is nothing we like better than our clients feeling confident that their projects are safe with us. And because we are particular about supporting our clients the best we can, we can advise you on other administrative tasks that you can outsource.

  • You can expand without spending too much

Simply said, outsourcing administrative tasks is cheaper than doing it in-house. This applies to manual data entry as much as it applies to other administrative tasks. In fact, the massive savings that businesses can make is the major reason why many companies opt to outsource as much as possible.

Normally, expanding your business will cost you a great deal. You'll have to pay for bigger office space and other huge overhead costs, as well as costs associated with equipment for the administrative department, and so on. With a virtual administrative team, you won't have to pay for all of that and you can still expand to the scale that you desire. It may start with manual data keying, but after experiencing just how valuable outsourced administration can be, you’ll want to do so much more with it.

What to expect from an outsourced manual keying service

The foremost reason companies cite for choosing to go the way of outsourced manual keying services is the ability to prepare documents for faster electronic archiving at only a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

When you choose to outsource manual data entry, you may go for either a fully managed service or an arrangement that would let you have great control over the work until it is completed. At Web Projects, we value flexibility because we understand that every business is different and every manager has different expectations.

You should be gunning for close to 100% accuracy on any manual keying project, so it is important that you choose a reliable and trusted service like Web Projects. Using a trusted company has other advantages such as having your project completed within your desired timeframe. Got an urgent manual keying project that need to be completed soon? Sign up with us and an account manager will be in touch soon to get you started.

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