About Us

Web Projects exists for one reason and one reason alone; to provide administrative support to both large organisations and small businesses.

For any organisation, the administrative department is the support system that holds it all together, keeps other departments successfully running, and provides the processes, procedures and structure through which other functions operate.

Some large scale organisations tend to have a larger amount of resources with which they use in supporting their administrative department, something that seems to be lacking with small and medium sized businesses. This is where we come in. Our job is to provide back and front office support to agencies that don’t have the resources or time to do so, in order to reduce their operational costs, improve their agility, accelerate their business growth and innovation and altogether help them either on a short term or long term basis.


As we obviously can’t see into the future, we do the next best thing. We are a company trained to think 5-steps ahead. Unplanned eventualities can occur, we know that and that’s why we do all we can to foresee as many potential issues as possible, anticipate future needs in order to provide answers to questions yet to be asked.

Before you can think it, we have done it. Before you have a problem, we have a solution.


For small or medium scale businesses, it can become overwhelming trying to increase productivity, quality and performance metrics, handle recruitments, sales and marketing, customer service, carry out accounting processes, take care of payroll services, calculations, produce the checks, and other back end and manual processes all at the same time and with inadequate number of experienced hands on ground.

Web Projects aims to increase the speed at which an entire business or a single department can manage its inbound information. We want to help you solve your administration problems as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to allow your staff the freedom to take on more important tasks.

When you outsource to us, you are sure of the best services. Our staff are experienced and qualified to handle any projects or functions.

We also assure you that even though we take over the handling of the administration processes, we still answer to you. We have no desire to take control of your business, only to provide assistance and take some of the load off you.


  • Our experienced staff delivers accurate, timely and complete transaction processing and management services that meet the needs of your organization. So accurate, timely and complete that most of your customers and vendors will be unaware you have outsourced.
  • We will assume the responsibility for the administrative and financial services that you choose to outsource. We will reduce cost by a minimum of 25% compared to fully-loaded staff cost.
  • A key focus is cash flow management. We work to collect cash faster, disburse it slower.
  • We offer support and dedicated account management 24/7, which helps to increase your investments.
  • We will interface supportively with your staff to achieve smooth service delivery, recognize the strengths of your staff and enhance the image of your organization.
  • We provide your business with controls and visibility for compliance purposes and real-time reporting that allows the management team to measure its effectiveness.
  • We’ll manage projects on your behalf to ensure that we meet delivery deadlines and that sufficient testing and user training has been conducted.


If you have discovered an area of your business that is not operating as efficiently as it ought to be, please register now and one of our account managers will be in touch as soon as possible.