Monthly Archives: January 2019

6 Errors That Can Send Your Website to an Early Grave

The dream of every website owner is to rank among the top ten websites in their niche. Everyone desires to grow their online business to the point where it begins to yield results and all the hard work and stress becomes worth it. To reach this point takes determination, patience, hard work and a good…
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A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Ideal website

Creating a website is super easy these days. You don't need to be a technically savvy person to make your dream website or even have any coding experience. All you need are the right methods, tools and an appropriate platform. Once you follow these carefully, it’s fun all the way! Not only will you be…
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Using React to build an E-commerce Progressive Web App

The era of building a web application that takes an age to load is gradually coming to an end. Just a few years back, many wouldn’t have thought it possible for a web page to load within seconds. While there’s been a remarkable development with regards internet speed - especially with the arrival of 4G…
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